Organic Artisanal Amlou

A must delicious Moroccan spread

Our Organic Artisanal Amlou come from organic farming and are certified organic products
by Ecocert and USDA-NOP

Organic Artisanal Amlou

A must delicious Moroccan spread

ArgafiG Artisanal Amlou, pure product of the Moroccan soil, a pleasure for the taste buds !

Amlou is a healthy spread from a traditional Berber recipe 100% natural, also called “The Moroccan Nutella. It is both excellent in the mouth, because of its delicious taste and its texture, and beneficial to health. It is a healthy food ideal for refueling of energy.

Its incomparable texture, its perfumed taste and its properties make of the Moroccan Artisanal Amlou a product recognized worldwide.

Our Artisanal Amlou is made with local 100% natural and pure ingredients, and a unique know-how. It is a mix of noble Organic products : slightly roasted sweet Almonds, prized Culinary Argan oil of Argan tree and even honey, according to everyone's choice. It is a real source of benefits.

To turn Argan oil into Amlou is a time-intensive labor of love. When we like roasted almonds and Argan oil, that thick brown paste will become a favorite spread. Pure fresh Amlou can only have short shelf life.


Rich natural composition : Pure lightly roasted Almonds crushed. Pure Argan oil. With or without Honey (for people with diabetes), according to everyone's tastes. No chemicals, no preservatives. No added sugar.

Obtaining process : Mixing of all the ingredients until to have a smooth paste, without going through any chemical treatment.

Foods quality : 100% pure and natural. ArgafiG guarantees exceptionally virtuous organic ingredients. One of our quality criteria is the use of whole fruits only. The selection and sorting of the cores used are rigorous, especially in terms variety and quality, in order to guarantee a paste rich in active ingredients. The whole production chain starting from the stages of picking to of bottling, is checked. Manufacturing standards are observed, with a keen eye on hygienic standards.

Certification : Certified 100% Pure Organically Grown ingredients. Certified Organic (EU and USDA-NOP) by Ecocert.

Cultivation : Moroccan Organic Farmed

Storage conditions : Keep in a dry place, away from heat and light ; shelf life : 1 year. The oil naturally rises to the surface. Mix well before tasting.

Precautions : not recommended for people who are allergic to nuts.


Because of its uniquely balanced, Artisanal Amlou is a real energy bomb. It is rich in vitamins E (powerful antioxidant fighting against skin aging), healthy mono-unsaturated fatty acids (omega 9) and essential fatty acids (omega 6), calcium, magnesium, fibers and in proteins.

  • It strengthens body’s Immune System.
  • It has fortifying, stimulating, energizing and reconstituting virtues for the body
  • It has an important role in the low of bad cholesterol
  • It helps with Digestion
  • It protects against Cardiovascular diseases.

Artisanal Amlou is a real source of calories to fortify the body. Consumed regularly, it contributes to a good health and a longevity.


Our Organic Artisanal Amlou gathers all the beneficial properties of its 3 ingredients on the health. It is good for the brain, healthy and perfectly suitable for vegetarians/vegans, people with a gluten-free diet, sportsmen and all people who want a healthy, balanced and natural diet !

It gathers all the ingredients of a gourmand and fortifying preparation to serve for breakfast because it provides necessary energy and strength for the day, or for an afternoon snack.