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Why spend so much money in cosmetics when there a solution of 100% natural products !

With ingredients from Organic Farming, the ArgafiG range offers exceptional and prodigious organic products, naturally effective on any type of skin. They are exempt of any additive or preservative, respect the standards of quality in force and meet the most demanding needs.

The raw materials come from the rural world and the production techniques we use combine performance and tradition in order to preserve all the benefits of these natural treasures :

Precious  oils  :

Rose Floral Water
Natural soaps
The  traditional Black beldi soap with Eucalyptus

Natural products at the very heart
of organic cosmetics

Our vegetable oils and floral waters respect international organic standards;
They come from organic farming and are certified organic products by Ecocert and USDA-NOP
- with exception of Nigella seed oil which remains 100% pure and natural -
As for our soaps, they are made with ingredients from Organic Farming.

ArgafiG offers a variety of virgin vegetable oils of great quality, 100% pure and natural. They are rich in active ingredients such as essential fatty acids, vitamins and other substances essential for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the tissues.

They form a lipid film on the epidermis, keeping the cells constantly hydrated while protecting them from external aggressions and aging.

This range of oils will be invaluable to you, when maintaining and treating your skin (face and body) as well as your hair every day, gently.

To take care and clean your skin, ArgafiG offers a selection of natural and artisanal soaps of high purity, made with pure and natural vegetable oils, without colorings, chemical or synthetic fragrance. They cleanse while moisturizing and restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin.

You will be charmed by these nourishing soaps, moisturizing, softening, gentle and respectful to the most fragile of skins.

The rose hydrosol or 100% natural Rose Floral Water comes from the valley of the Dades gorges in the South of the High Atlas of Morocco.


Thanks to its toning, astringent, firming, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties, Rose floral water is the care you need to have.

Your new beauty ally introduces you to its range of pure, organic and effective products made for your care, to have a perfectly healthy, pure and luminous skin!  Find your best anti-aging products, massage oils or hair care products.

The essential is used


1. Noble raw materials, pure, natural and active that go really well with the skin, without added coloring, preservatives nor additives. Organic quality is an additional guarantee;
2. Luxury glass containers in order to restore as faithfully as possible all the greatness of the raw materials they contain.

For your well-being and your natural beauty, ArgafiG offers treasures for your skin and hair :
» A variety of virgin vegetable oils, 100% pure and natural, known to be bursting with benefits and virtues;
» A range of traditional soaps made with natural ingredients;
» The traditional Black Beldi Soap with Eucalyptus; 
» Rose hydrosol or 100% pure Rose floral water.


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