Organic Argan Oil

The liquid gold of southern Morocco

Our oils come from organic farming and are certified organic products
by Ecocert and USDA-NOP

Argan oil

The liquid gold of southern Morocco

ArgafiG Organic Argan oil, 100% Extra Virgin Culinary oil, will enhance your health and take care of your heart !

One of healthy lifestyle tips is to replace saturated with unsaturated fat. Argan oil has cosmetic virtues that are more and more appreciated, but we must not forget that its organoleptic qualities also make it a precious oil for the culinary art.

Argan oil is a gourmet Vegetable oil introduced by master chefs inspired by its originality. It is used in international cooking as particularly flavorful condiment to aromatize salads, meats, fishes or grilled vegetables, bringing an oriental and exotic touch. This edible oil became famous thanks to its naturally richness in Vitamin E (powerful antioxidant), in Omega 6 and 9 (beneficial to the cardiovascular system) and to its slightly almond and nutty taste which enhances the flavor of dishes. The oil is delicious and light.

Pure and natural Argan oil presents remarkable properties from the dietary and nutritional point of view thanks to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids (80%) and of tocophérols (Vitamin E). A research article published in 2010 found that argan oil contained higher levels than other oils of γ-Tocopherol, which possesses strong chemopreventive and anti-inflammatory properties.

Our high grade Organic Culinary Argan oil is issued by a region where Arganeraies are generous. In that region, Argan trees live naturally and wildly, in accordance with their environment, where sun and winds have positive effects on the quality of the Argan fruits, without neither pesticides nor artificial fertilizer.

The whole production chain starting from the whole fruits, the harvesting method, the kernel storage conditions, the extraction using First cold-pressed method, the conservation and the bottling of the oil assure the Premium quality grade and the purity of our Argan oil.

At each production, tests on the chemical composition -acidity-, texture, and taste ensure only the best quality, extra virgin, 100% raw, pure, natural, unrefined, is released for selling.

Unlike the cosmetic one, the Kernels are slightly and carefully roasted before being cold pressed to bring out its unique and prized taste, and the dark color of the oil. The kernels torrefaction is light to keep the powerful properties and the benefits of Argan oil.  It contains no foreign matter:  any chemical preservatives, colorants, adulterants or artificial scents or any kind of products which are causing any kind of allergies.


Botanical name : Argania Spinosa L.

INCI : 100% Organic Argan oil
Obtaining process : Extraction by first cold pressure of the light roasted kernels of the Argan fruits in whole, without going through any chemical treatment.
Foods quality : 100% pure, natural, virgin, unrefined. ArgafiG guarantees an exceptionally virtuous and organic Argan oil. One of our quality criteria is the use of whole fruits only. The selection and sorting of the cores used in our product are rigorous, especially in terms variety and quality, in order to guarantee oil rich in active ingredients. The whole production chain starting from the stages of picking to of bottling, is checked. Manufacturing standards are observed, with a keen eye on hygienic standards.

Certification : Certified 100% Pure Organically Grown Argan Oil. Certified Organic (EU and USDA-NOP) by Ecocert.

Cultivation : Moroccan Organic Farmed


According to scientific publications, Edible Argan oil has important nutritional and dietetic properties :

- The stability of hypercholesterolemia (reduces bad cholesterol levels and the risk of heart attack.)

- Stimulates brain cells and liver function

- Reduces hypertension

- Protects the connective tissue

- Argan oil has also an anti-obesity effect by acting as an appetite suppressant (consumed at the morning meal).


Culinary Argan oil is used for its toasted, creamy, nutty flavour as a foodstuff. It can be used in salads or for medium heat applications. It is not advised to use it for high-temperature cooking and frying. But it can be added raw to a dish cooked at high temperature to enjoy its taste and benefits.

Culinary Argan Oil is also used for medicinal use.