ArgafiG soaps

Gentle, rich and natural

ArgafiG offers you a range of natural soaps for a daily cleansing that will respect your skin and regenerate it day after day;
They contain active ingredients from organic farming, no coloring, no chemical additives nor synthetic perfume.

Argan oil soap

The flagship product of oriental beauty used for thousands of years by Berber women, Argan oil is particularly rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that prevent skin aging.

The Argan ArgafiG oil soap has many benefits when used daily. Natural and very gentle, rich in omega 6 and vitamin E, it can effectively fight skin dryness and premature aging. It moisturizes and softens the skin, all while cleansing it.

Massaged softly on the face and the areas to be treated, Argan oil deeply regenerates the skin, activates cell renewal and neutralizes the free radicals responsible for skin aging. 

It helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet on the face. While on the body, it reduces skin irregularities due to cellulite.


Hypoallergenic, it respects the most sensitive of skins. It is recommended for the cleansing of dry and dehydrated skin, mature skin lacking tonicity, devitalized skin, sensitive and allergic skins.

Prickly Pear and Argan Seed Oil soap

Prickly pear seed oil is known for its anti-wrinkle properties. It increases the elasticity of the skin, helping to slow down its aging.

ArgafiG’s prickly pear and Argan seed oil soap is designed for all skin types. It helps restructure the skin and prevents it from aging. It stimulates the natural regeneration capacities of the skin by stimulating cell renewal while activating microcirculation. It cleanses the skin without irritating it, it moisturizes it, leaving it supple, soft with its firmness and elasticity restored.

Cleared of impurities, the epidermis is smoother, firmer and the skin texture velvetier.

Argan oil soap with Musk

Argan oil is an antioxidant that helps prevent dry skin. It nourishes the skin and restores its suppleness.

ArgafiG Argan oil soap with musk is made of a 100% organic Argan oil, and is scented with musk. It moisturizes and cleans the skin gently, and its mixed scent with an oriental touch of extreme sensuality offers a delicious moment of well-being.

It is suitable for all skin types and can be used daily for skin cleansing.

Black soap with Eucalyptus

The traditional mild and moisturizing soap, for exfoliating

Authentic black soap based on virgin olive oil, used for ages by Moroccan women, ArafiG’s black soap with Eucalyptus is made from the first biological press of olive oil, in the purest Moroccan traditional way.

It is the hammam’s essential care, which serves as a cleanser, moisturizer and a gentle exfoliator for the body and face (combined with an ArgafiG scrub glove).

It refines the skin texture and removes impurities, dead skin and toxins. It delicately and deeply exfoliates the skin leaving it fresh, soft and satiny.

It stimulates collagen production and therefore cellular regeneration. It delays the appearance of wrinkles thanks to the vitamin E it contains. The Eucalyptus gives a sanitizing and healing effect.

100% pure and natural, it contains no chemicals nor parabens nor perfume.

It is suitable for both body and face. After a hot shower, massage your body with ArgafiG Eucalyptus black soap and let it work for 5 minutes. Then rinse with warm water.