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ArgafiG is a Moroccan Brand belonging to Company F.A Global Entreprise, an entity very close to the rural world and producing cooperatives. It is concerned with the well-being and success of Berber women.
By the way, my name is Fadwa AKKOR. As an entrepreneurial woman committed to promoting the values of Nature and Purity and a supporter of Health and Beauty, I created the brand ArgafiG to help people take care of their skin and health.

ArgafiG brand offers a line of personal care products meticulously crafted to nourish and rejuvenate a body. Our 100% natural and pure ingredients are carefully selected from trusted cooperatives. Our products embody efficiency, excellence, traceability, and uncompromised quality.
Our commitment to well-being extends beyond personal care. Our selection of natural superfoods is meticulously sourced and certified organic. These nourishing delicacies provide a wealth of nutrients while supporting rural communities. Our foods are free from additives, ensuring their exceptional quality and taste.

Our stakeholders have personally experienced the effectiveness of ArgafiG natural superfoods and Personal Care products, inspiring them to share this natural wealth.

Founder of the ArgafiG brand

Organic Certificates

At ArgafiG, we believe in the importance of organic certifications to guarantee the integrity and quality of our products. That is why our flagship products are 100% Certified Organic (EU and USDA-NOP) by ECOCERT, a renowned and trusted certification body.

The rigorous standards and meticulous processes of Ecocert ensure that our ingredients and manufacturing practices meet strict organic requirements. Our products are organic, free from harmful chemicals, and produced with respect for the environment. So, we uphold our commitment to transparency and offer efficient and aligned products with values.

Our exfoliants and soaps are made 98% with ingredients from Organic Farming.


Brand ArgafiG is at the heart of natural cosmetics and green ingredients in a traditional and organic approach. It guarantees the excellence of its products and the traceability of the used raw material. We like to keep an eye on every detail concerning all the stages of the manufacturing process. It is the only way to be sure of their quality.

  • We obtain our precious virgin oils by a first cold pressure of the kernels (such as Argan oil and Sweet Almond oil) or seeds (such as Prickly Pear seed oil and Nigella seed oil), preserving nature pure essence within every drop.
  • In our quest for the finest hydrolats, we subject fresh flower petals to a gentle and slow steam distillation process, taking care of selecting the flowers for their unrivaled quality.
  • Crafting our Moroccan Spread and Vinegar is a labor of love, carried out through an entirely natural process that steers clear of any chemical or accelerating additives, preserving the true essence of the ingredients.
  • Our natural exfoliants and soaps are produced by traditional handmade processes.

The Autonomous Establishment of Export Control and Coordination (EACCE) conducts rigorous tests to verify the purity of our organic products before they ever reach the market. Additionally, periodic checks by the National Office of Sanitary Safety of Food Products (ONSSA) guarantee the exceptional quality we proudly offer.

Beyond our products, we cherish the meaningful connections we establish with our suppliers and customers, sharing the same commitment to ethical values. Transparency is of utmost importance to us, just like the carefully curated compositions of our products, which are listed transparently on our container labels.



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    We build with our partners a long-term business relationship (Win to Win) thanks to our high standards of raw materials, products, and service.
    We join forces with them to foster a healthier lifestyle, more wholesome wellness, beauty, and better and balanced health on natural product trends while respecting the environment, customers’ health, and beauty.

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